We provide a comprehensive package of drug testing tools expertly designed to fit our client’s needs.

Croft Consultants will:

  • Conduct a needs assessment interview
  • Write the company drug/alcohol policy
  • Write a drug policy summary for the employee handbook
  • Provide policy implementation procedures
  • Write a customized drug program guide which includes all drug program forms, consents and notifications
  • Provide employee education and supervisory training
  • Provide drug testing services
  • Provide alcohol testing services
  • Provide on-site collections
  • Set up third-party collection sites for companies with multiple sites and/or remote locations
  • Maintain up-to-date employee lists
  • Generate random testing draws
  • Manage return-to-work and mandatory follow-up testing
  • Provide professional consultation for reasonable suspicion and random testing situations
  • Arrange for post-accident testing in emergency situations and in remote locations
  • Provide professional/toxicological/MRO review of drug test results
  • Interpret drug test results into lay person's language for designated representatives of the company
  • Interpret and implement changes in state and federal regulations regarding drug testing
  • Refer employees with drug and/or alcohol problems to appropriate treatment
  • Maintain all drug testing records for a period of five years

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